Student Projects (works)

In tackling a range of challenges, STEMworks™ students have the chance to develop relevant 21st century skills in:

  •  Animation
  • Engineering Design
  • Visualization
  • Database Design
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Programming Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • Webpage Design
  • Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) Drone
  • App Development
  • Virtual Reality
  • 3-D Printing
  • Game Development
  • Music Production
  • Digital Media
  • DIY/Entrepreneurial







STEM Project: Civil 3D AutoCAD and Engineering Design Project

Utilized Esri’s ArcGIS 10.4 Desktop software to catalogue A&B Properties map data into digital archives for public viewing.

Team Member: Shayne Thompson, King Kekaulike High School
Christian Eugenio, Baldwin High School


seabird 4







STEM Project: Digital Media Outreach Project

Collaborated with team to create a short informational video and a
brochure regarding Keālia Pond NWR’s role in protecting endangered
Hawaiian wetland birds & its mitigation efforts to control invasive
plant/animal species.

Team Member: Denmark Taroma, Maui High School
Leanne Binas, Baldwin High School


jett and sophia 2







STEM Project: AutoCad Engineering Project

Practiced surveying by using equipment such as GPS and UAVs to
capture data, utilized AutoCAD Civil 3D to create 3D models of curbs
and ramps for the Kahoma Village project.

Team Member: Jett Bolusan, Maui High School
Sophia Davis, Kihei Charter High School









STEM Project: Digital Media Outreach Project

Collected field data using DSLR cameras, GoPros and a drone to
create public service announcement videos on downed native
seabirds. Introduced to conservation equipment such as the
song meter, infrared cameras, & night vision goggles.

Team Member: Renezel Lagran, Maui High School












STEM Project: Anonymous Reporting Mobile App

Anonymous Reporting is a mobile phone app that allows students to report smoking around campus anonymously which is sent to school administrators through a secure server where all reports are encrypted. The goal of this project was to allow students to help resolve the problem with smokers on school campus.

STEMworks School: King Kekaulike High School

Team members: Jeremie Amano, Dylan Franco, Michael Reeves, Vanessa Satoza


CaptureSTEM Project: Paintbrush Grips for Disabled Students

Using 3D Computer Aided Design, Ramelb created a “brass knuckle” design for students who are challenged with holding a paintbrush, even with assistance. Ramelb’s design has led to the production of four grips for students with severe disabilities.


STEMworks School; King Kekaulike High School
Team Member: AJ Ramelb


lanaiSTEM Project: Walking Tour of Lanai City

By using ArcGIS online Story Maps, was to convert the oral and written Lana’i walking tour that is offered by the Lana’i Cultural and Heritage Center since 2006 into an electronic format.


STEMworks School: Lanai High & Elementary School
Team Members: Keona Conroy-Humphrey, Jasmine Conroy-Humphrey



STEM Project: Aqua-Hydro Farming

A CAD design of a cost efficient and inexpensive NFT hydroponics system. The design can also help develop and produce crops for local businesses and boost sustainability.

STEMworks School; Maui High School
Team Members: Preston Rodrigues-Maysago, Trent Hori, and Michelle Suyama



CaptureSTEM Project: Da Kitchen Graphics Overhaul

To design and revamp various graphics for local award-winning restaurant,Da Kitchen, to promote the restaurant and it’s upcoming charity campaign, and to establish an engaging environment for its customers and company.


STEMworks School: Maui High School
Team Member: Justin Jackson


Picture1STEM Project: Sidewalk Mapping Project

A map of the roadside conditions of all the roads used by students walking to and from King Kekaulike High School.  It was created out of concern for the safety of the pedestrians, in hopes of drawing attention to the need for more sidewalks in Pukalani.

STEMworks School: King Kekaulike High School
Team Member: Sierra Harrell, Lotus Chen



CaptureSTEM Project: Hawaiian Colors – Game Design

Created an educational scratch to teach someone how to say colors in Hawaiian Language.

STEMworks School: Kihei Charter High School
Team Member: Allie Arcangel




deerSTEM Project: Maui Axis Deer Tracking Flights and Count

By using GPS technology and ArcGIS/Esri students created a Maui Axis Deer Tracking Map. This map showcases deer population and to make a public map to assist the local hunters in their efforts to control the invasive deer population on Maui.


STEMworks School: Maui High School
Team Member: Daryll Suyat, Austin Espejo, Eli Cobb, Thea Vinoray


1STEM Project: Hawaiian Monarcy

By using ArcGIS online Story Maps, a map that shows where the main events took place in Hawaii.


STEMworks School: Roosevelt High School
Team Member: Jackson Xu, Maggie Matsuda, Saba Rehman