Learning is a creative endeavor where ideas become powerful tools. THINKit is designed to nurture creativity to develop inventive and entrepreneurial thinking.

Promote innovation by integrating several THINKit themes into projects:


Uniting themes redefines purpose and integrates subject areas. Instead of asking, “How do I use it?” challenge experimental and critical thinking by asking, “What else can it become?” Students will be shaping new purpose and constructing previously inconceivable ideas in no time!

By design, THINKit provides teachers with a continuum of tools that advance critical thinking and skill development from kindergarten to college to career!

Dream, Invent, Design, and Test with THINKit!

Additional THINKit themes, DIY instructables, project-based activities, as well as current start-up/career applications will be available at an upcoming STEMworks THINKit website.

Please check back soon.