STEMworks™ Energy

STEMworks™ Energy is an immersive interactive virtual reality (VR) experience, meant to augment the IEI curriculum (hands on scientific inquiry and engineering design labs) that students explore in the classroom.  The immersive VR adds to the hands-on labs with the intent of making their classroom studies “real” by exploring related career pathways and being immersed in what it looks, sounds and feels like to be “on the job site”, while also learning content that is locally based by nationally aligned to grade level standards.  Experiences are further expanded and aligned to augment STEMworks™ career pathways through an immersive mock interview that prepares students with how a professional interview looks and feels.  The combination of touring a local industry, learning first hand from career professionals and then experiencing real interview questions, exposes students to local STEM opportunities while also preparing them for STEM pathways.

Check back soon for more details announcing launch of STEMworks™ Energy!