The MEDB Women In Technology Project is excited to release the 2nd version of its STEMworks™ Service-Learning curriculum for Hawai’i Schools which includes a new GIS module and a CAD module. 

Unlike any other class in Hawaii’s middle and high school curriculum, WIT’s STEMworks™ is a multi-faceted, hands-on program where students get to use the most current, high-end technologies in actual communityDSC_0072_crop service learning projects. While working on a specific project, students have to the opportunity to acquire the latest tech skills from animation and CAD to engineering design and GPS, GIS. They get to work with local industry partners, gaining the satisfaction of knowing their efforts are contributing toward improving life on their respective islands. During the STEMworks™ process, students learn how to develop an industry partner relationship, provide an actual deliverable, and maintain an ongoing solution for the future.

The goal of the STEMworks™ curriculum is to assist course advisors in providing learning activities that develop knowledge, understanding, and skill sets in the following areas:


  1. Science – Introduction to Scientific Inquiry Method
  2. Technology – Introduction to Hardware and Software Technologies
  3. Engineering – Introduction to the Engineering Design Process
  4. Mathematics – Using Mathematics Analysis Skills in Solving Design Challenges


  1. Service-Learning Education including Assessing Community Needs, Cultural Understanding & Responsiveness, and Equity
    1. Introduction to Service-Learning Method
    2. Assessing Community Needs and Social Context
    3. Cultural Understanding & Responsiveness
    4. Equity
  2. Professional Skills
    1. Project Management
    2. Communication (written and oral)
    3. Teamwork and Leadership
    4. Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  3. Career Exploration Skills and Internships

The comprehensive STEMworks™ program covers the following areas:

  • Professional Development
  • Software training
  • Curriculum development and implementation
  • Industry Day
  • Hawaii STEM Conference
  • Assessment