Career and College Awareness Webinars

Week 1: Technical and Soft Skills Professional Development

MEDB provides interns with FREE access to a paid subscription to, a professional development resources. features over 5,000 training and certification courses varying from technical skills such as AutoCAD, Unity, Office365, InDesign, After Effects, Java, Python as well as soft skills such as communication, presentation, leadership, teamwork, time management skills and much more.

Industry Presenter: Robb Oshima, from LinkedIn
Academic Specialist, K-12 and Higher Education

Week 2: College Awareness featuring STEMworks™ College Toolkit
MEDB provides interns with a STEMworks™ College Toolkit created to help students and families navigate the complex college application process. Interns explored college resources such as the Common Application, College Board, Khan Academy free SAT/ACT prep, TRIO program, scholarship opportunities, and much more. Interns were immersed in a 3D virtual reality interactive experience with the opportunity to explore over 500 colleges campuses across the nation with YouVisit.

Industry Presenter: Lindsay Barbour, YouVisit
Client Success Manager
STEMworks™ Alumni: Chelsea Kau, University of Portland

Week 3: STEM Jobs

MEDB partners with STEM Jobs to explore STEM career opportunities,. STEM Jobs Industry Presenter debunks common myths about STEM careers.

Industry Presenter: Ellen Egley, STEM Jobs
Director of Education

Week 4: STEMworks™ Student Alumni’s success stories

STEMworks™ alumni college students and entrepreneurs share their experiences with the STEMworks™ program. Featuring highlights from their STEMworks Internship experiences to creating their own business:. Our STEMworks™ Alumni biggest piece of advice: Seize Every Opportunity!

Industry Presenters: INFIBIT LLC founders & STEMworks™
Alumni Jeremie Amano, Ethan Moengchaisong, Maya Ooki,
and Michael Reeves.

Week 5: Presentation Skills

Deliver a polished presentation successfully to your audience. Focus on your introduction and closing, body language, voice projection, and much more. Learn steps to help you become a confident, effective presenter!

Industry Presenter: Alexis Dascoulias
CampState/Maui OnStage