Our innovative THINKit toolboxes are designed to challenge and spark K-12 students to think and create, turning their “Big Ideas” into project-based, service-learning. The kits readily compliment and support the advanced skills developed by STEMworks Tech Tools (CAD, CS6, ArcGIS, and more).

Each toolbox contains a strategic selection of widgets and tools designed specifically for grade school, middle school and high school learning levels. They are organized under six compelling themes:

  • 3D Prototypes
  • Coding
  • Virtual Reality
  • Digital Me
  • Circuits & Hardware
  • GIS & Drones

By design, every theme can overlap another theme. Through combining and re-combining different THINKit components in creative ways, your students practice critical experimental thinking, continually asking “What else can it become?” The process also jumpstarts more long-term inventive and entrepreneurial thinking.

Additional THINKit themes, DIY instructables, project-based activities, as well as current start-up/career applications will be available at an upcoming STEMworks THINKit website.

Please check back soon.